Tips For Playing Red Dead Online

Tips For Playing Red Dead Online

Welcome to the guide to Red Dead Online, that is, the network mode of the game Red Dead Redemption 2. To begin with, we want to note that at the moment the content of multiplayer is in beta testing. Still so, this is not the final version of Red Dead Online. During the game, you may encounter a lot of errors, problems with connection stability, or not completely balanced economy in the game. So don’t be surprised if you earn little and everything will come out very expensive.

Tutorial and guide to Red Dead Online

Tutorial and guide to Red Dead Online

Within the Red Dead Online waiting for you story missions, side missions, and several individual modes that are out of touch with what is happening freely across the game map. In this publication, we provide General guidelines for network mode RDR 2, as well as describe modes, tricks, and more. This tutorial refers to the online part of the game, that is Red Dead Online. If you are looking for a guide and passage to feature mode, use the following link:

Below you will find the network mode guide. Here you will find the most important information about the gameplay, modes, missions and many other aspects of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer is in beta, so many elements may still change. In this case, we will update the guide in the course. Click one of the links below to go to this page of the Red Dead online manual. However, before you do this, please also review the other information below:

General recommendations for Red Dead Online

General recommendations for Red Dead OnlineGo to online settings to make your horse private. Thus, only you will be able to ride it and will not be taken away by another player, at least in cooperation mode. It will also prevent you from jumping on our saddle by a random player. Invest in Killer Precision mode. This is a very useful thing in network mode, although it does not slow down time, as in a single campaign. Using deadly precision allows you to take more accurate pictures over long distances.

Horse insurance. The game will tell you to do it right in the tutorial, but it is worth remembering this when buying the next horse. In the event that the horse is killed or when he dies, you can restore it after a while, just using gwizdnięcia.

If you have an Ultimate game, go to the catalog and find each page. Due to the fact that you will encounter a few free items that have been added in this edition of the game. Shooting from the stagecoach can be challenging and there are missions that will require it. Don’t worry though, because you can aim at enemies during the stagecoach and it will be automatically guided along the route.

Ammunition you can buy when viewing the catalog, but also in the waiting room before starting any game mode. Just select this option from the menu on the left. You can use the fast travel, but it is quite expensive, especially at the very beginning of the game. So be patient and first go through the world of riding. Relax at the camp or break them in the game world, so you can quickly restore energy and health without sacrificing the products that you have purchased.

How to enable and what is free Play

How to enable and what is free PlayThe game is free in Red Dead Online is just the main mode of the network part of RDR 2. This is a sandbox based on the same map you know from the Red Dead Redemption 2 storyline mode. As part of casual Games, you meet other players who may be hostile.

If you prefer to play in casual mode rather than prepared other modes, simply after turning on the game, select the online mode using R1 / RB and then click on the above image with the arrow location. Note that the right-for the option „Join the gang” – is also the ability to move to one of the five main States:

  • Ambarino (dangerous winter landscape);
  • Lemoine (swamp lands full of green meadows, you just started online);
  • New Hanover (picturesque plains and forests);
  • New Austin (ruthless desert and scorching sun);
  • Elizabeth Western (steppes, a bit deserted landscape, but much more life than in the case of the node described above).

In Red Dead Online you can use fast travel. You will do it in exactly the same way as in the main story mode of the game. The corresponding places are marked on the map with an icon in the form of road signs.

When you approach one of them and perform the interaction, in the list on the left you will notice places where you can move automatically, without the need for self-riding. Note, however, that the further the journey, the greater the fee for the rapid movement, which is very important in the initial stages, the network game.

Is it worth it to buy NES mini?

Is it worth it to buy NES mini?

I just bought a Nintendo Classic Mini console. And I’m as fascinated as I am disappointed. NES Mini-this is a great equipment, reminiscent of puppies of the year, which, however, is a little lacking to the ideal. So let’s consider whether to buy it at all or not … how to improve.

Nintendo Classic Mini

We can assume that this record is postponed for two years. In the end, the Nintendo Classic Mini was launched on the market at the end of 2016. I myself believe, however, that retro items simply do not age, just as our memories of youth do not age.

Nintendo Classic MiniIn addition, the original classic console from Nintendo was so prohibitive prices that few people decided to buy it. As a rule, NES mini was bought by the most ardent fans of the brand, for whom the cost of the device was of secondary importance. Perhaps Janusz business traders who wanted to buy a shortage of goods solely in order to sell it more expensive.

He was expensive. Officially, the price is about $ 60, and because of poor availability actually costs about 500-600 rubles. For comparison, at the same time for some 800 rubles it was possible to buy Xbox one or PlayStation 4. Typically, buying NES-and mini-was not a very profitable business. Now Nintendo has decided to hand over its classic once again, so the new play of the device can be purchased for less than 250 rubles. In my opinion, it’s a fair price to pay for a tiny box, which added 30 games released over three decades ago.

Nintendo Classic Mini is a very good equipment. Well made, feature intuitive software that contains digital versions of the games instructions, various image display options (for example, emulation of a CRT monitor!) and usually an unprecedented 20 years ago option to save the state of the game, which greatly facilitates the gameplay and makes the names in which you spent long hours or days, you can go in a few tens of minutes.

You can also remember how they played once. The console comes preloaded with many titles available on the Pegasus console, which was an unlicensed copy of Famicom, whose American version is the NES. Here we come to the first squeal. I understand that officially only the American NES was available on the old continent. According to many companies, then Europe ended on the iron curtain, so the NES was not officially available.

On the other hand

It is a pity that Nintendo did not take into account the specifics of the Polish market and did not seem here the Japanese version of Famicoma Mini. As far as possible does not depart from the nes-a Mini, and all this reminds us closer Pegasus, which hit the shops and markets in the early 90-ies.

On the other handFamicom Mini is slightly different from NES Mini. Like its prototype, it has built-in controller wires. On the one hand, this is an advantage because due to the fact that Nintendo were forced to add to the console until two controllers rather than one, both in the European and American console.

It is especially important that like NES and Famicoma Mini wire pads is extremely short. When NES Classic, SNES Classic Are Going Out of Production, without thinking too much, I connected the console to a 65-inch TV, run it and went as far as the controller wire allowed, I realized that I was sitting about 40-50 cm from the huge screen. I couldn’t catch his eye that the game was almost impossible.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved. Owners of the Japanese version of the console must be equipped with a very long HDMI cable. European players are lighter and you can buy extension cables for drum pads or unlicensed pads, which cost less than$20. I decided to do the second option and bought two controller with almost two-meter wires. If we want to spend more, we can even buy pads with a three meter cable or … unofficial wireless models, which are correspondingly more expensive.

And in General, I’m wondering why Nintendo decided to join the console of so ill-conceived panels. Hi, players explain this by the desire to display the specifics of old consoles, which are often pulled from under the TV. I buy these arguments in part because for the exit of the game… you must use the Reset button located on the console. But if that’s the case, why did Nintendo add a very short HDMI cable to the console? At a time when the average TV sold in the store is about 50 and not 15 inch.

Maybe it turned out well for us?

Maybe it turned out well for us?There are 30 pre-installed games on the cheap console. In my opinion, this is a very large number, especially with regard to the price of the device. However, I do not understand why Nintendo did not wyposażyło console with Wi-Fi support and did not add here a store with applications. The console can be sold even with 10 titles, and the rest of the players would have bought a virtual store, which is available on other consoles of the company. There would be no problem with paying a few dollars for the title since childhood. You probably will report thus a few hundred more gold.

It should be recognized, however, that the list of added games is impressively good. Not enough here ogrywanych me classics such as Mario, Contra, or Double Dragon, as well as the names of the unknown in Poland, at least the first part of the cycle Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda. However, I know a lot of games that I would love to buy again and play again. In my opinion, Nintendo very much tightened the console, having deprived thus of an opportunity of additional earnings.

However, the market does not tolerate emptiness, so the missing features of the console were quickly unlock fans. Currently, it only takes a few minutes for Nintendo Classic to download any games available on the nes, Famicom, and Pegasus consoles. Of course, in the illegal version. No Internet connection causes because the Japanese are not able to update the firmware of their consoles and add to it the subsequent security layers. From the broken equipment stays that way forever.

In the current price is a very interesting technique. For £ 250, we get a console complete with a set of 30 games. In addition, players with a very flexible moral spine can easily expand this game library. In this situation, the only drawback of this retro console is the ridiculous length of the wire pads. This disadvantage, however, can be easily overcome with the help of informal panels, appropriate extension cords available on Allegro, or, accordingly, a long HDMI cable. We must take into account the cost of a few tens of dollars on the accessories needed for the game.

I’m sure Nintendo Classic Mini will get a new life soon thanks to its reasonable price. Even the premiere of the competitive PlayStation Classic, which will be more expensive and equipped with fewer titles, can help in this. Because of this, many people who are not looking for an expensive holiday gift for a geek may want to buy a miniature NES.

Play old mac games

Play old mac games

We like to go back to the roots-it’s not a secret. We feel drawn to what we know and love. Returning to the classics, theoretically, is now very simple. After all, classic games can be emulated even on mobile devices. But if instead of messing around with the settings, you prefer to just install and play old mac games — here are five cult games that we’ll play on the Mac without messing around.

Best classic mac games

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – Baldur’s Gate is one of those best classic mac games that — I hope — doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. Built into the world of forgotten lands adventure since joining loved by players from around the world. The whole palette of unusual characters, keeping the story in suspense, hundreds of side quests and a bright world that can enchant from the entrance. If you play old mac games like classic RPGs, this is it… in fact, there is something to think about.

And when you’re already done with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, then look closer best classic mac games, its direct continuation: Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

Best classic mac gamesDiablo 2 – Even after Baldur’s Gate, cult production is, of course, one of Blizzard’s biggest old mac games hits: Diablo. The first part of the game was good, but these two showed how it should look. Better, more, more beautiful, more carefully. Animated backgrounds, more classes, better balance, improved multiplayer, as well as new levels of difficulty on which the game can be a real old mac games challenge. And all this, of course, in Polish! If you are tired of modern hack’n’slash games, Diablo 3 was for you a profession, or just… I understand that you want to return home to this fantastic world-it can be done without problems on Mac!

Classic games for mac

Grand Theft Auto 3 – If the first two parts of GTA were the super classic games for mac, which were taken for the entertainment of the crowd, this is the third part of the cult series was a revolution, which for so long waited for fans of the series and not only. Grand Theft Auto 3 takes us to liberty city, the virtual city of resemblance with a wave of thought in new York city. The classic games for mac story starts off unnoticed, but it’s an opportunity given to us by the developers in the local world, which makes it so hard to break away from this game.

Classic games for macThe ability to play in 2D and 3D mode, a lot of freedom and „something” that even after many years does not allow GTA3 to tear off make it a classic old macintosh computer games that you need to know. And you should always go back to it. In addition, Grand Theft Auto 3 is also worth remembering GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas.

Psychonauts – One of the coolest 3D platformers since ancient years, which we play on OSX without any problems. The game is responsible for none other than Tim Schafer (the one who in recent years loves us to sell non-existent old macintosh computer games yet). This is the major League-a diverse, boiling fantastic ideas. Each of the boards is a completely different world, which is distinguished by completely different rules. And that there is a lot to say, if you have not had the opportunity to get acquainted with this game, or just want to get back to this fantastic adventure, feel free. After a few years the game is equally delicious!

Old mac computer games

Old mac computer gamesSiberia – Speaking of adventure games that proudly entered the 3D era, you can’t miss Siberia. The old mac computer games story of the decisive American Kate Walker, arriving in Valadilene, begins quite imperceptibly. Here, a job assignment related to the acquisition of a local toy factory. Ladders begin when it appears that the owner of factory died, and her successors, it is necessary to look for on title Siberia. The search for Hans Voralberg will not be simple. Along the way, we will wait for a lot of fun and secrets to unravel.

Siberia after all these years still protects itself with projects and picturesque landscapes. It is interesting to write a story and flawlessly conducted old mac computer games dialogues also stood the test of time.

It should also be remembered direct continue: Siberia 2. It’s also available on Mac! Soon the premiere of Siberia 3, the replay will be just right!

Independence of Mario – suddenly begin negotiations

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild appeared and departed from what we expect from the Zelda game, and broke new opportunities in open games. Super Mario Odyssey has not crashed so clearly because of the structure of his predecessors, but instead used the best of previous games in the series – mainly Super Mario 64 – and changed everything to eleven.

It is bigger, nicer and more enjoyable than any other game in this series, and at the same time more willingly plays with the player’s expectations than its predecessors.

Nintendo has shown a desire to overthrow

This is the common denominator of Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey in my eyes. Nintendo knows that we’ve spent the last 20 years creating a picture of what their games are for something. Most of the company remained within these limits, trying to better than the expectations of its predecessors, instead of rejecting them completely. So far. Over the past year, Nintendo has shown a desire to overthrow and play with our expectations for the most famous games.

  • What was previously written in stone – the linear layout of Zelda games and the lack of independence of Mario – suddenly begin negotiations.
  • This, more than anything else, gives me great hope for what the company has to offer in the coming years.
  • One of the most significant aspects of the success of Nintendo Switch is how much they rely on the old Nintendo game directory.

My first post on the Nintendo Switch after the premiere in October 2016. It focused entirely on the Virtual Console. It seems quite obvious that my first instinct, when Nintendo announces a new console, is to wonder how it will allow us to play games released more than a decade ago.

Nintendo has shown a desire to overthrow

In the post, I learned that „no computer game company sells children to us as effectively as Nintendo”. I was counting down the cold that Nintendo will soon tell you more about the Virtual Console on the Nintendo switch. The entire catalog of old Nintendo games, from NES to Nintendo 64 / GBA, in portable format? Take away my gift money has never been more motivated.

I was comforted that games like

Months lasted without any information about the Virtual Console on the Nintendo switch. At the end of February, just a few weeks before the console was launched, Nintendo said that the Virtual Console will not be on the Nintendo switch at startup. I was comforted that games like „Breath of the Wild” keep me working during the summer, and then probably a virtual console will be released.

Before June E3, I wrote that it was time for Nintendo to tell me more about the virtual console on the console.

Summer and E3 appeared and disappeared, and Nintendo was silent about the Virtual Console on Switch. I wrote about the first half of the Nintendo Switch store shelves after the premiere of Super Mario Odyssey in October and discovered that I am still waiting for information about the Virtual Console on the Switch. When Nintendo Direct got lost in mid-January, I kept my thumb up for the next moment. There was no. Now this is the whole year, because the console has been released, and we still have so few Nintendo plans on the Virtual Console on the switch as we are in March.

If Nintendo launched a subscription service

The optimist in me hopefully means that Nintendo is planning something bigger for the Virtual Console on the switch than a la carte with the Wii, Wii U and 3DS solution. If Nintendo launched a subscription service that allows access to most of the company’s catalog from the first page titles for $ 49 a month, I would like to be a customer for life.

But as in the previous three paragraphs, my optimism regarding Virtual Console on Switch has quite good results.

If Nintendo launched a subscription service

The virtual lack of a switch console means that the console was a huge Nintendo success, even though it does not have a single Nintendo game released before March 3, 2017. Nintendo has the strongest library of old games in the industry, and they do not have to rely on the Nintendo Switch at all. was the fastest-selling game console over the centuries. It’s impressive. Especially for a gaming company that is better than anything else to „sell our childhood back to us.”

Here are 20 games that come with Playstation Classic

On Monday, Sony finally released a full list of 20 games that we can play on the upcoming PlayStation Classic mini console. Then we realized that Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms will be included.

We have now received 15 titles and expected surprises. Quite alright, but really lacking real classics. Of course, some titles are missing. I really enjoyed watching Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, Castlevania, Crash and Spyro. But at the same time Crash was released not so long ago, and the new version of Spyro also comes onto the market.

So you can also be satisfied. But fun with Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and Twisted Metal Dock! See the new trailer that shows all the games here.

One year with a Nintendo switch

The headline is true with modification, at least in my case. Nintendo Switch released on March 3, 2017, which means that the console celebrated the last Saturday of the 1st year. It was not until April 3, a month after the release of the console, that I took with me the device with a handy travel case and, of course, a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Why did it take me a month?

One year with a Nintendo switchEconomics is of course always a factor. I do not have a „new gaming console” account in which $ 5,000 is waiting for the next exciting console to be released. (It may not be so stupid, now that I’m writing this.) The fact that the console was sold out in almost all Swedish dealers in March 2017 went its own way. I checked the state of the console in the game stores every day from the end of March, and when the online store in Fridhemsplan finally got a pair of devices, I dropped the Buy button.

The reason why I did not solve both problems, starting to save on the Nintendo switch, when the console was unveiled in October 2016, and ordering the device a month before the release, is simple: Wii U. Nintendo Switch was the right concept for Nintendo. next console when early rumors began to describe the connection of portable and stationary gaming. The video that Nintendo released in October 2016 reinforced this impression. But in the context of the previous five years, I could no longer listen to the words of Nintendo so that their fans would be satisfied with the stationary console. They should prove it first.

Nintendo Switch than with the Wii and Wii U

After 11 months with Nintendo Switch, it’s hard to find the right word to describe how successful the console is – both in terms of its impact on the game market and the imprints left in my own game. I’m sure I spent more time with the Nintendo Switch than with the Wii and Wii U together, even though they were only a little over ten years on the market.

It started The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was basically the only thing I played on the console during my first month with him. Soon thereafter, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe appeared, which I myself had and played for a few hours with my friends and family.

One of my first holy moments with the Nintendo Switch was when Johanna and I visited the family in Umeå in the early summer.

Air travel took place in both directions to play the local multiplayer game in Mario Kart 8 on one Joy-Con. Since then, Mario Kart 8 has become our standard way of spending time traveling by plane and by train, and every time you feel like an actor in Nintendo advertising.

Mario series in the life of the console

My game on Nintendo Switch took some breaks at the end of summer. The console in eShop has not yet reached the pace, and the only major version of the console, Splatoon 2, did not seduce me as seduced by many others. However, in September my Switch game was on the way again, and thanks to this year’s biggest surprise: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. X-Com-inspired strategy with Rayman’s rabbits and Mario universe heroes does not sound like instant success, but combining an unexpected, deep strategy, generous amounts of charm and a rabbit-rabbit lifted my legs.

Mario series in the life of the consoleWhen Nintendo releases a new console, you can feel safe assuming that there will be at least one new game from the Zelda and the new Mario series in the life of the console. (Wii U is an exception). On the Nintendo switch, we got both in eight months. Both are also on my top three of the best games in their series.