Independence of Mario – suddenly begin negotiations

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild appeared and departed from what we expect from the Zelda game, and broke new opportunities in open games. Super Mario Odyssey has not crashed so clearly because of the structure of his predecessors, but instead used the best of previous games in the series – mainly Super Mario 64 – and changed everything to eleven.

It is bigger, nicer and more enjoyable than any other game in this series, and at the same time more willingly plays with the player’s expectations than its predecessors.

Nintendo has shown a desire to overthrow

This is the common denominator of Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey in my eyes. Nintendo knows that we’ve spent the last 20 years creating a picture of what their games are for something. Most of the company remained within these limits, trying to better than the expectations of its predecessors, instead of rejecting them completely. So far. Over the past year, Nintendo has shown a desire to overthrow and play with our expectations for the most famous games.

  • What was previously written in stone – the linear layout of Zelda games and the lack of independence of Mario – suddenly begin negotiations.
  • This, more than anything else, gives me great hope for what the company has to offer in the coming years.
  • One of the most significant aspects of the success of Nintendo Switch is how much they rely on the old Nintendo game directory.

My first post on the Nintendo Switch after the premiere in October 2016. It focused entirely on the Virtual Console. It seems quite obvious that my first instinct, when Nintendo announces a new console, is to wonder how it will allow us to play games released more than a decade ago.

Nintendo has shown a desire to overthrow

In the post, I learned that „no computer game company sells children to us as effectively as Nintendo”. I was counting down the cold that Nintendo will soon tell you more about the Virtual Console on the Nintendo switch. The entire catalog of old Nintendo games, from NES to Nintendo 64 / GBA, in portable format? Take away my gift money has never been more motivated.

I was comforted that games like

Months lasted without any information about the Virtual Console on the Nintendo switch. At the end of February, just a few weeks before the console was launched, Nintendo said that the Virtual Console will not be on the Nintendo switch at startup. I was comforted that games like „Breath of the Wild” keep me working during the summer, and then probably a virtual console will be released.

Before June E3, I wrote that it was time for Nintendo to tell me more about the virtual console on the console.

Summer and E3 appeared and disappeared, and Nintendo was silent about the Virtual Console on Switch. I wrote about the first half of the Nintendo Switch store shelves after the premiere of Super Mario Odyssey in October and discovered that I am still waiting for information about the Virtual Console on the Switch. When Nintendo Direct got lost in mid-January, I kept my thumb up for the next moment. There was no. Now this is the whole year, because the console has been released, and we still have so few Nintendo plans on the Virtual Console on the switch as we are in March.

If Nintendo launched a subscription service

The optimist in me hopefully means that Nintendo is planning something bigger for the Virtual Console on the switch than a la carte with the Wii, Wii U and 3DS solution. If Nintendo launched a subscription service that allows access to most of the company’s catalog from the first page titles for $ 49 a month, I would like to be a customer for life.

But as in the previous three paragraphs, my optimism regarding Virtual Console on Switch has quite good results.

If Nintendo launched a subscription service

The virtual lack of a switch console means that the console was a huge Nintendo success, even though it does not have a single Nintendo game released before March 3, 2017. Nintendo has the strongest library of old games in the industry, and they do not have to rely on the Nintendo Switch at all. was the fastest-selling game console over the centuries. It’s impressive. Especially for a gaming company that is better than anything else to „sell our childhood back to us.”

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