Is it worth it to buy NES mini?

Is it worth it to buy NES mini?

I just bought a Nintendo Classic Mini console. And I’m as fascinated as I am disappointed. NES Mini-this is a great equipment, reminiscent of puppies of the year, which, however, is a little lacking to the ideal. So let’s consider whether to buy it at all or not … how to improve.

Nintendo Classic Mini

We can assume that this record is postponed for two years. In the end, the Nintendo Classic Mini was launched on the market at the end of 2016. I myself believe, however, that retro items simply do not age, just as our memories of youth do not age.

Nintendo Classic MiniIn addition, the original classic console from Nintendo was so prohibitive prices that few people decided to buy it. As a rule, NES mini was bought by the most ardent fans of the brand, for whom the cost of the device was of secondary importance. Perhaps Janusz business traders who wanted to buy a shortage of goods solely in order to sell it more expensive.

He was expensive. Officially, the price is about $ 60, and because of poor availability actually costs about 500-600 rubles. For comparison, at the same time for some 800 rubles it was possible to buy Xbox one or PlayStation 4. Typically, buying NES-and mini-was not a very profitable business. Now Nintendo has decided to hand over its classic once again, so the new play of the device can be purchased for less than 250 rubles. In my opinion, it’s a fair price to pay for a tiny box, which added 30 games released over three decades ago.

Nintendo Classic Mini is a very good equipment. Well made, feature intuitive software that contains digital versions of the games instructions, various image display options (for example, emulation of a CRT monitor!) and usually an unprecedented 20 years ago option to save the state of the game, which greatly facilitates the gameplay and makes the names in which you spent long hours or days, you can go in a few tens of minutes.

You can also remember how they played once. The console comes preloaded with many titles available on the Pegasus console, which was an unlicensed copy of Famicom, whose American version is the NES. Here we come to the first squeal. I understand that officially only the American NES was available on the old continent. According to many companies, then Europe ended on the iron curtain, so the NES was not officially available.

On the other hand

It is a pity that Nintendo did not take into account the specifics of the Polish market and did not seem here the Japanese version of Famicoma Mini. As far as possible does not depart from the nes-a Mini, and all this reminds us closer Pegasus, which hit the shops and markets in the early 90-ies.

On the other handFamicom Mini is slightly different from NES Mini. Like its prototype, it has built-in controller wires. On the one hand, this is an advantage because due to the fact that Nintendo were forced to add to the console until two controllers rather than one, both in the European and American console.

It is especially important that like NES and Famicoma Mini wire pads is extremely short. When NES Classic, SNES Classic Are Going Out of Production, without thinking too much, I connected the console to a 65-inch TV, run it and went as far as the controller wire allowed, I realized that I was sitting about 40-50 cm from the huge screen. I couldn’t catch his eye that the game was almost impossible.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved. Owners of the Japanese version of the console must be equipped with a very long HDMI cable. European players are lighter and you can buy extension cables for drum pads or unlicensed pads, which cost less than$20. I decided to do the second option and bought two controller with almost two-meter wires. If we want to spend more, we can even buy pads with a three meter cable or … unofficial wireless models, which are correspondingly more expensive.

And in General, I’m wondering why Nintendo decided to join the console of so ill-conceived panels. Hi, players explain this by the desire to display the specifics of old consoles, which are often pulled from under the TV. I buy these arguments in part because for the exit of the game… you must use the Reset button located on the console. But if that’s the case, why did Nintendo add a very short HDMI cable to the console? At a time when the average TV sold in the store is about 50 and not 15 inch.

Maybe it turned out well for us?

Maybe it turned out well for us?There are 30 pre-installed games on the cheap console. In my opinion, this is a very large number, especially with regard to the price of the device. However, I do not understand why Nintendo did not wyposażyło console with Wi-Fi support and did not add here a store with applications. The console can be sold even with 10 titles, and the rest of the players would have bought a virtual store, which is available on other consoles of the company. There would be no problem with paying a few dollars for the title since childhood. You probably will report thus a few hundred more gold.

It should be recognized, however, that the list of added games is impressively good. Not enough here ogrywanych me classics such as Mario, Contra, or Double Dragon, as well as the names of the unknown in Poland, at least the first part of the cycle Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda. However, I know a lot of games that I would love to buy again and play again. In my opinion, Nintendo very much tightened the console, having deprived thus of an opportunity of additional earnings.

However, the market does not tolerate emptiness, so the missing features of the console were quickly unlock fans. Currently, it only takes a few minutes for Nintendo Classic to download any games available on the nes, Famicom, and Pegasus consoles. Of course, in the illegal version. No Internet connection causes because the Japanese are not able to update the firmware of their consoles and add to it the subsequent security layers. From the broken equipment stays that way forever.

In the current price is a very interesting technique. For £ 250, we get a console complete with a set of 30 games. In addition, players with a very flexible moral spine can easily expand this game library. In this situation, the only drawback of this retro console is the ridiculous length of the wire pads. This disadvantage, however, can be easily overcome with the help of informal panels, appropriate extension cords available on Allegro, or, accordingly, a long HDMI cable. We must take into account the cost of a few tens of dollars on the accessories needed for the game.

I’m sure Nintendo Classic Mini will get a new life soon thanks to its reasonable price. Even the premiere of the competitive PlayStation Classic, which will be more expensive and equipped with fewer titles, can help in this. Because of this, many people who are not looking for an expensive holiday gift for a geek may want to buy a miniature NES.

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