Play old mac games

Play old mac games

We like to go back to the roots-it’s not a secret. We feel drawn to what we know and love. Returning to the classics, theoretically, is now very simple. After all, classic games can be emulated even on mobile devices. But if instead of messing around with the settings, you prefer to just install and play old mac games — here are five cult games that we’ll play on the Mac without messing around.

Best classic mac games

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – Baldur’s Gate is one of those best classic mac games that — I hope — doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. Built into the world of forgotten lands adventure since joining loved by players from around the world. The whole palette of unusual characters, keeping the story in suspense, hundreds of side quests and a bright world that can enchant from the entrance. If you play old mac games like classic RPGs, this is it… in fact, there is something to think about.

And when you’re already done with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, then look closer best classic mac games, its direct continuation: Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

Best classic mac gamesDiablo 2 – Even after Baldur’s Gate, cult production is, of course, one of Blizzard’s biggest old mac games hits: Diablo. The first part of the game was good, but these two showed how it should look. Better, more, more beautiful, more carefully. Animated backgrounds, more classes, better balance, improved multiplayer, as well as new levels of difficulty on which the game can be a real old mac games challenge. And all this, of course, in Polish! If you are tired of modern hack’n’slash games, Diablo 3 was for you a profession, or just… I understand that you want to return home to this fantastic world-it can be done without problems on Mac!

Classic games for mac

Grand Theft Auto 3 – If the first two parts of GTA were the super classic games for mac, which were taken for the entertainment of the crowd, this is the third part of the cult series was a revolution, which for so long waited for fans of the series and not only. Grand Theft Auto 3 takes us to liberty city, the virtual city of resemblance with a wave of thought in new York city. The classic games for mac story starts off unnoticed, but it’s an opportunity given to us by the developers in the local world, which makes it so hard to break away from this game.

Classic games for macThe ability to play in 2D and 3D mode, a lot of freedom and „something” that even after many years does not allow GTA3 to tear off make it a classic old macintosh computer games that you need to know. And you should always go back to it. In addition, Grand Theft Auto 3 is also worth remembering GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas.

Psychonauts – One of the coolest 3D platformers since ancient years, which we play on OSX without any problems. The game is responsible for none other than Tim Schafer (the one who in recent years loves us to sell non-existent old macintosh computer games yet). This is the major League-a diverse, boiling fantastic ideas. Each of the boards is a completely different world, which is distinguished by completely different rules. And that there is a lot to say, if you have not had the opportunity to get acquainted with this game, or just want to get back to this fantastic adventure, feel free. After a few years the game is equally delicious!

Old mac computer games

Old mac computer gamesSiberia – Speaking of adventure games that proudly entered the 3D era, you can’t miss Siberia. The old mac computer games story of the decisive American Kate Walker, arriving in Valadilene, begins quite imperceptibly. Here, a job assignment related to the acquisition of a local toy factory. Ladders begin when it appears that the owner of factory died, and her successors, it is necessary to look for on title Siberia. The search for Hans Voralberg will not be simple. Along the way, we will wait for a lot of fun and secrets to unravel.

Siberia after all these years still protects itself with projects and picturesque landscapes. It is interesting to write a story and flawlessly conducted old mac computer games dialogues also stood the test of time.

It should also be remembered direct continue: Siberia 2. It’s also available on Mac! Soon the premiere of Siberia 3, the replay will be just right!

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