The hardest games we’ve ever played

The hardest games we've ever played

Video games can be a curse. Irritate, irritate and give us a sense of injustice. How I play … since then, as I remember – I have had in life contact with many games that can be called complex. The problem, however, is that it’s hard to throw them all into one pile and call them the hardest games in the world. Why? Because the game is not equal to the game-some are difficult, but all the losses arise due to the lack of appropriate skills among the players, because the rules are clear and fair, and the projects are finalized to the smallest detail. Not enough, however, are also games that are difficult because… they just very in the world. Therefore, write about what the most difficult games also does not depend on simple tasks. But let’s try!



The list is in alphabetical order, but if it were to specify the nightmares of childhood and the most difficult names that I have not yet managed to subdue — probably the place Battletoads would not have changed. The devil platformer from Rare begins quite innocently-the first two cards are a nice warm-up before what’s yet to come. You can read more about games at Ride there on a motorcycle is a nightmare that is not yet a show of what this game stand for…

Cuphead – this is one of those games in which the cartoon lamp refers to the classic animation can confuse even the most skilled players. A local adventure in practice are very creepy, especially when we have at hand arcade sticka. Hundreds of shells, dozens of combinations and the balance between shmups and platformer. Thankfully, the 99% – perfectly designed, so despite the high level of difficulty, still extremely enjoyable!

Dark Souls and company – RPG games from From From Software for many years enjoy the glory of the most difficult. And in fact-it’s not production, which will approach The hardest games we’ve ever played from the outside, without knowledge of the world, the rules operating there, and that’s how you will be able to cope with local problems. Like Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne, however, the names are thought out and developed by professionals. Every failure teaches us humility, and great design makes us know that failure is only our fault. No one else!


DiscworldSince the list of the most difficult games, there can also be no representative of the genre of adventure games point-and-click. Why hit Discworld instead of other suggestions where you need to use a banana back on the metronome as if it was the most logical way to solve the puzzle? The game was long, difficult and … fraught with puzzle, which is often swung logic, and its transition without a step by step guide-it is in many cases a matter of happiness and clicking on everything. However, this is one of those products that is worth giving a chance — because colorful, full of humor, the world of the disc is addictive without the rest… although, however, I would suggest with salt on the side.

Donkey Kong Country-the second of the Rare games on the list-and at the same time one of the nightmares of my childhood. The team was squeezing out Super Nintendo’s latest sweats in its platformer series, but at the same time we were dealing with a level of difficulty that didn’t interact with that sweet style in any way. It’s a title that-unlike Battletoads-gives players a chance, but… requires concentration and skill, and knows how to be ruthless even with the tiny mistakes.

Classics of the genre in the catalog of complex games. Ghosts ‚n Goblins of the 80. last century spends players dream-platform adventure nondescript rycerzyka is an endless pack of tasks. Two strikes, we’re dead. Rewards traps are waiting for us everywhere, as well as random opponents. Well, as it is in the old games, every failure makes us start playing from scratch…

Ninja Gaiden II – the Ninja Gaiden series has been with us since the 8-bit era, but the two mentioned here are the 2008 title. Behind him is a ninja team, and … he’s been on my pile of shame for years as one of those titles I’ll probably never finish. And not because this game is bad or poorly designed. It’s just a very difficult title that does not forgive the player mistakes and blunders. Requires immediate reactions, and full focus… and I’m probably already too old. And I’m talking here about the average level of difficulty — because I don’t even want to think about what’s going on at higher levels.

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?Inconspicuous spin-off of the popular series Disgaea with a charming penguin, the eponymous Prince, in the title role. Two-dimensional platformer released on PSP, which looks so cute in life, buying UMD did not know how much nerves I zszarga. This is one of those productions that at launch offer us 999 live-if you’re wondering why, this is already the first Board to bring a complete answer to this question. Difficult, even very difficult. We will die more often than we might first think, and the boss fights-it’s a real horror that in the final battle, and I do not even remember. After today, my fingers hurt.

Super Hexagon-one of those mobile games that, despite the level of complexity, do not allow themselves to come off. A small triangle lost in rhythmic mazes can be annoying, but when we see that there is a method to this madness-it turns out to be a great pastime for long, eee, seconds! Several levels of difficulty, fascinating music and faster and faster pace: all this makes the game difficult, but thoughtful and — not without reason — so insanely popular!

In fact, by browsing through the games of the 8-bit era, the lion’s share of them can be classified as the most difficult game in the world. First of all, because many of them were underestimated and illogical, and getting to the end took a lot of dedication and … much happiness. Quite aptly evaluated by their James Rolf in his series Angry Video Games Nerd-although I believe that some of the names got there unfairly. Well, Yes, as I said — if you look at the level of puzzles, suddenly it may be that the lion’s share of the classic adventure games type point and click games virtually pass: there is no clue, no hint of logic. And yet the players somehow managed-and it’s without a hint of the Secret service!

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