Tips For Playing Red Dead Online

Tips For Playing Red Dead Online

Welcome to the guide to Red Dead Online, that is, the network mode of the game Red Dead Redemption 2. To begin with, we want to note that at the moment the content of multiplayer is in beta testing. Still so, this is not the final version of Red Dead Online. During the game, you may encounter a lot of errors, problems with connection stability, or not completely balanced economy in the game. So don’t be surprised if you earn little and everything will come out very expensive.

Tutorial and guide to Red Dead Online

Tutorial and guide to Red Dead Online

Within the Red Dead Online waiting for you story missions, side missions, and several individual modes that are out of touch with what is happening freely across the game map. In this publication, we provide General guidelines for network mode RDR 2, as well as describe modes, tricks, and more. This tutorial refers to the online part of the game, that is Red Dead Online. If you are looking for a guide and passage to feature mode, use the following link:

Below you will find the network mode guide. Here you will find the most important information about the gameplay, modes, missions and many other aspects of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer is in beta, so many elements may still change. In this case, we will update the guide in the course. Click one of the links below to go to this page of the Red Dead online manual. However, before you do this, please also review the other information below:

General recommendations for Red Dead Online

General recommendations for Red Dead OnlineGo to online settings to make your horse private. Thus, only you will be able to ride it and will not be taken away by another player, at least in cooperation mode. It will also prevent you from jumping on our saddle by a random player. Invest in Killer Precision mode. This is a very useful thing in network mode, although it does not slow down time, as in a single campaign. Using deadly precision allows you to take more accurate pictures over long distances.

Horse insurance. The game will tell you to do it right in the tutorial, but it is worth remembering this when buying the next horse. In the event that the horse is killed or when he dies, you can restore it after a while, just using gwizdnięcia.

If you have an Ultimate game, go to the catalog and find each page. Due to the fact that you will encounter a few free items that have been added in this edition of the game. Shooting from the stagecoach can be challenging and there are missions that will require it. Don’t worry though, because you can aim at enemies during the stagecoach and it will be automatically guided along the route.

Ammunition you can buy when viewing the catalog, but also in the waiting room before starting any game mode. Just select this option from the menu on the left. You can use the fast travel, but it is quite expensive, especially at the very beginning of the game. So be patient and first go through the world of riding. Relax at the camp or break them in the game world, so you can quickly restore energy and health without sacrificing the products that you have purchased.

How to enable and what is free Play

How to enable and what is free PlayThe game is free in Red Dead Online is just the main mode of the network part of RDR 2. This is a sandbox based on the same map you know from the Red Dead Redemption 2 storyline mode. As part of casual Games, you meet other players who may be hostile.

If you prefer to play in casual mode rather than prepared other modes, simply after turning on the game, select the online mode using R1 / RB and then click on the above image with the arrow location. Note that the right-for the option „Join the gang” – is also the ability to move to one of the five main States:

  • Ambarino (dangerous winter landscape);
  • Lemoine (swamp lands full of green meadows, you just started online);
  • New Hanover (picturesque plains and forests);
  • New Austin (ruthless desert and scorching sun);
  • Elizabeth Western (steppes, a bit deserted landscape, but much more life than in the case of the node described above).

In Red Dead Online you can use fast travel. You will do it in exactly the same way as in the main story mode of the game. The corresponding places are marked on the map with an icon in the form of road signs.

When you approach one of them and perform the interaction, in the list on the left you will notice places where you can move automatically, without the need for self-riding. Note, however, that the further the journey, the greater the fee for the rapid movement, which is very important in the initial stages, the network game.

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