Versatility, low cost and easy access to the network made online shopping permanent in everyday life. Why are more and more people shopping online? What factors determine? What to pay attention to when buying? We will try to answer these and other questions in the next article.

Safe shopping

A few years ago, purchases over the Internet-decided only a handful of users. There was a General belief that they involved not only the risk of „bad” choices, but also the risk of potential fraud. Buying a „brick” instead of a phone sounds like a cruel joke, but, unfortunately, such situations also happened. Changes in the law – forced, in particular, the European Union regulations, led to the fact, however, that gradually eliminated the negative points for consumers in the regulations. Stores need to meet more requirements, and buyers are certainly better protected. Of course, there is always the risk of falling into the so-called „puncture”, but in this matter the most useful is… common sense!

Not only has the law changed over the past few years. The improvement has already come too awareness of customers who are much better able to recognize the unscrupulous seller if the suspect site. Buyers know what rights they own and can use it. The http://www.ansa.it/canale_lifestyle/notizie/food/2018/01/30/fenomeno-consegne-a-domicilio-i-big-del-food-delivery-a-confronto_7af014bf-8846-4306-9362-c238f6141e04.html popularity of social networks also plays an important role. Very often it is thanks to them that we learn about the unscrupulous seller or practice that meets the interests of consumers. Delay in delivery, parcel damaged or poor customer service, can cause a serious crisis, which can result in a deterioration of reputation and a decrease in the number of customers of the store.

All this makes us use online shopping more often and more willingly. We just know where and how to do it safely.WHAT MOTIVATES CUSTOMERS TO SHOP ONLINE?

All at hand…

Not to mention such an obvious aspect as the convenience of shopping online. And it’s not just that in a few minutes we can go from buying a sofa to viewing book bestsellers. Convenience is one thing, but it is also important to save time, attention and money.

Szczkaboompics.com_Closeup of woman hand typing on laptop keyboardególną a role is played here by actively functioning price comparisons. Very often, on their basis, consumers are guided in the price category of the product they choose. Sometimes this knowledge in extreme cases determines the decision to buy: „since a new dryer can be so cheap, I will buy it.”

…Any time

Once sleepless nights spent in front of the TV, buying unnecessary items in the TV store. Today we hold a phone or tablet in our hands and decide to buy another pair of shoes under the blanket. Availability and the ability to make purchases 24/7, making consumers have the ability to „unplanned” purchases much more often than before.

Attractive offers are pushed to customers almost „under the nose”. Purchases can be made from anywhere and at any time. Online stores are constantly trying to modernize and facilitate this process. The simpler the purchase process, the easier it is for the buyer to focus on the product itself. And from here it is only a step to click „Buy!”.

Cheap, cheaper, cheaper

  • The competitiveness of online stores, to the greatest extent is the ability to make purchases at lower prices than in stationary stores. Online stores are full of all kinds of discounts, discounts and promotions. This practice is so common that customers, on the contrary, expect lower prices.
  • It is difficult to be surprised – the competition on the Internet is very high, and in addition, supports sites such as Zrabatowani.pl ahhh!
  • On  you can find out about the current promotions in the largest online stores in Poland, but you have a chance to get an additional refund of the money from purchases!

Therefore, if you like to save and buy online, there is nothing else to do but to take advantage of the promotion, make any purchases and use the modern reward system. And for the returned money, you can make subsequent purchases… Maybe you should try it.

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